When the grandmother's speak, the earth will be healed - Hopi proverb

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i hold sacred the stories of our ancestors, to show us where we come from and bring life to those who come before us. Learn your family history story, in honour of them. Do you know who you are?

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RootsTech 2020 is Almost Here!

Feb 3, 2020

USBC Cylinder Audio Archive | In Honour Of Them | Genealogy

Feb 2, 2020
The UCSB Library has a treasure that will bring you back to days long before you or even your parents were born.This 19,000 piece, curated collection was invented by the late Thomas Edison in the late 1800s.

My Gramma's Recipe Book | In Honour Of Them | Genealogy

Jan 5, 2020
This book was written by my Gramma, before I was born. It is a small, pocket-sized notebook of her favourite recipes from snacks to desserts and meals and canning. ⁠Recipe inside!

what living people say about finding their ancestors

“You did awesome today!! (Genealogy Café class.) It didn’t feel overwhelming and I liked the blend of sharing your family’s stories while explaining the pages. was wonderful!"
"Wow thank you what an honor to know a Keeper of the Dead. Your gift for unlocking the mysteries if the past through genealogy is wonderful.I recommend everyone to use this amazing lady and her gift.
“Nik is so good at genealogy. Loves her work. Has such a passion for it. Found my missing ancestors. Great rates for what you get. I was so frustrated with mine, and at a dead end. She found them for me.”
"Nik Henke helped me root one of my family lines! I highly recommend her services with genealogy! She is really thorough and does an amazing job! I loved the passion she had for placing the missing pieces and helping me find my families story!"
"We do not know where we are going until we know where we have come from!" President Lincoln

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Talk to Your Ancestors

Illuminated Evolution
"A spiritual reading is when we relay a message of what your spirit guides that surround you give to you for your own healing and the betterment of your life and your relations. This may be about how you live to hearing from a relative or friend who has passed over and healing something that was between you. We see, hear, smell, and taste what the spirits give us to relay to you and help you validate who is coming to give you the message. With over 40 years of experience we can help bring you what you're looking for. We are world renown and have done reading in 5 different countries over 3 continents. Please call for your bookings! 780-897-5507

Ancestor Lockets

These 14k gold, 14k rose-gold or Stainless Steel lockets include a chain and open to welcome a treasure of your Ancestors that you can keep inside. In one I keep my Gramma and in another a snippet of her handwriting from an old recipe. I add crystals and charms to personalize them too. These lockets are for sale but I would much rather give you one for free in return for a story of your Ancestors that you wish to share.
So you get to choose: Buy one or Trade one and share the stories of your Ancestors.

Genealogy Café & Exclusive Members Group

Genealogy Café is a series of classes in which we discuss tips and tricks to building your family tree or learning how to research. Topics will vary, for instance, “Reading Census Records” or “Archiving Photographs”. Attend a class, purchase a service or refer someone who purchases a service to In Honour Of Them then, you and your referral, will receive an exclusive Genealogy Cafe Members Group invitation. This group will receive exclusive content not shared publicly, special invites to events and coupon discounts toward services or products.