Get a Complimentary Ancestor Locket

"People forget facts, but they remember stories."
Joseph John Campbell 1904-1987
Professor of Literature at Sarah Lawrence College

Join me in sharing our Ancestors stories and I will give you an Ancestor Locket.


In Honour Of Them

Our Ancestors lived hard lives so that we are blessed with the comforts we have now. Their stories are our stories. We are who we are because of what they did to survive.

It’s time to go back. Let us learn through our Ancestors experiences. What was life like so many years ago? I have more gratitude now because of what I learned.

Get a COMPLIMENTARY Ancestor Locket!

It is time to tell our Ancestors stories and I need your help.

I will gift you with a Genealogy Ancestor Locket that will be *customized with either 2 charms or a photo, cut to fit inside, when you share a story of your Ancestors with me. You will receive credit and be part of this remarkable gift of remembering our Ancestors through stories.

Visit my contact page to send in your story and I will reply within 48 hours.

Genealogy Ancestor Locket


Upon submission of your story & photos you agree to the following:

  • Your story may be posted on my website, shared on social media or possibly used in advertising or print without compensation back to you but with full credit. To thank you, your gift will be one Genealogy Ancestor Locket.
  • By law, personal information is protected of those passed sooner than 75 years ago. (Died after 1944) and so you will refrain from including personal information of living people . Should this be included I reserve the right to edit your story.
  • Pictures are welcome!
  • To receive your Genealogy Ancestor Locket Gift, arrangements will be discussed within 14 days of the receipt of your story to We can meet for a local exchange or I can mail it to you. The locket may not be as shown above. It will consist of one locket including a chain. You may choose from a photo insert of your person or a screen plus 1 charm.

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