This guide gives the beginner genealogist or family historian the beginning steps and [mostly free] resources of building a family tree.
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Twenty+ years of information gathered to help you get started on your family tree for free.

Hundreds of Links & Sources
A collection of some of the top free resources from the most popular and newer blogs, websites, magazines...
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Tips, Tricks and Tools
Years of tips, tricks and tools laid out in this book will save you hundreds of hours trying to find the best ways to genealogy...
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Learn the Easy Way
Valuable suggestions to guide you through the learning process the easy (or easier) way so you don't get frustrated...
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Customer Review

Fabulous beginners guide! Nichole lays out how to begin ones journey into genealogy step by step. I love that she clearly states pitfalls that are common to fall into for a first timer... which I could totally relate to and lamented "I wish I had this guide earlier".
A super helpful chapter runs through interview questions one can pose to family that will help and not hinder your journey down memory lane. If you want to get into genealogy and avoid common mistakes I cant recommend this book enough!

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Eoin Wilmot - Amazon Review
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Highlight 1
The Table Of Contents. As you can see, there are many valuable resources to help you get started from links, tips and tools to steps, guidelines and forms to keep it simple.
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Highlight 2
Among many of the tips and tricks you'll find a step by step guide on How To Create a Research Plan.
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