Digital Archiving of Genealogy Treasures

Save your genealogy treasures.

My dad was the take-4-rolls-of-film-at-a-half-hour-dance-recital kind of guy. I learned to turn around with a photo-ready smile, at any name call-out.

Dad’s camera was a beautiful Nikon film camera with a large flash I managed to break twice. Film meant developing & printing the images. Now, there are boxes of family historical memories that we get to reminisce over at family gatherings.

But they won’t last forever because eventually, time will eat away at the sensitive photo paper.

I am a digital creative. I love Photoshop. But the importance of digital archiving is essential. My collection of printed photos has grown over my younger years and so I’ve needed to do some hardcore scanning.

I learned a few tricks along the way.

JPG is not really your friend. It’s great for web, lower quality outcomes but if you’re going to edit and save, you’ll lose quality each time. PNG is better. It holds its quality and is better for enlarging when necessary.

Flatbed scanners are great for multiple photos at once, but if you don’t have a program that does batch cropping you’ll spend hours editing. I found a scanner I fell in love with called Flip Pal Mobile Scanner from Shop the Hound. So easy to use and no need for much editing.

Another challenge is what do you do with the old family photos that are dusty and scratched?

Manipulation & Trickery

I am blessed with a gift of knowing how to manipulate digital photos in Photoshop but this isn’t always an option for some people. Aside from the learning curve, the program is quite expensive for the average hobbyist.

A trick I learned somewhere along the way is to use a tripod to hold your digital camera, hover it over the old photo, then take a digital picture of the photo itself. This duplicates the photo and creates a digital version in which you now have a large (hopefully raw) size to manipulate by either fixing the scratches or blowing it up to print and frame for your wall.

If you need help

I can help with digitalizing your memories, please reach out via my contact form or calling 587-343-7666, I would love to help you.

Before and After of my Grandparents with their kids – my Mom, Aunties and Uncle. Notice the scratches and dust marks on the left side, the spot on my Grampa’s arm etc. The right side shows how it’s possible to manipulate the photo to make it look almost new.

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