Doorway to the Past

How much do you know about your Ancestors and their descendants?

How much do you know of your family medical history?
The genetics clues to disease and health can vastly change how we plan our futures, whether we have children and how they will be affected physically and mentally as they grow.

Maybe you want to learn of a historical criminal case through court transcripts and newspaper clippings.

Maybe you need a second pair of eyes for another perspective.

Or maybe you just want the image of a headstone from a gravesite in another country where your Great-Great-Great Grandmother rests or a copy of your G-G-Grandfather’s handwriting from a signed document like a land title or immigration record.

Whatever your goal is, it’s important to understand the validity of creating your family tree to learn where you came from to honour those who came before us.

It is in honour of Them.

The further back in time a person goes, the more complicated it is to find out the accurate information needed having to go through countless public records to gather facts and clues.

It’s one thing to find a record of a marriage or birth indexed by a volunteer.

Older documents are hard to read at times.

Can you decipher old handwritten scribed text?

Or understand how to approach a problem to bust down a brick wall?

Can you set aside emotional attachment to accept the sometimes not-so-pretty facts presented?

It’s a sure way to open one’s eyes to find a murderer in the family or discover someone died of a horrible debilitating disease or even the truth of a child raised by grandparents who claimed to be parents to hide a secret.

Are you ready to discover the truths and secrets of your Ancestors?