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A collection of my journals. There's a randomness here that fits me perfectly. I write when I want, when I have time and when I feel the pull to tell a story. I post on social media when I have a new journal entry so if you're interested in my thoughts, follow me below.

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Genealogy Photo A Day | "NEW" | A "New" Gramma With Her "New" Babygirl

This is my mom with my brand "new" babygirl born in 2002. #GenealogyPhotoADay is sponsored by @genealogygirltalks - follow our pages on Instagram! @inhonourofthem She was only 2 days old in


BCG 2020 Free Webinars

The Board for Certification of Genealogists will be holding high-quality educational free webinars starting 21 Jan 2020.Mark your calendar for the third Tuesday of each


Honouring My Gramma

Because of her dream and vision I discovered I had roots deeper than I dreamed and they were connected to people I never knew existed. My inspiration every day in my genealogical journey is my Gramma.


Honouring My Teacher

It is indeed a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors. Plutarch (1871).“Plutarch’s Morals”, p.12 I didn’t always understand the validity of how important my Ancestors are.


Flowers Amongst the Headstones

I stood in reverence amongst the towering trees while a magpie played nearby, keeping a careful eye on me. He didn’t say much but I could tell he was smart.I didn’t expect this.