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A collection of my journals. There's a randomness here that fits me perfectly. I write when I want, when I have time and when I feel the pull to tell a story. I post on social media when I have a new journal entry so if you're interested in my thoughts, follow me below.

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USBC Cylinder Audio Archive | In Honour Of Them | Genealogy

The UCSB Library has a treasure that will bring you back to days long before you or even your parents were born.This 19,000 piece, curated collection was invented by the late Thomas Edison in the late 1800s.


My Gramma's Recipe Book | In Honour Of Them | Genealogy

This book was written by my Gramma, before I was born. It is a small, pocket-sized notebook of her favourite recipes from snacks to desserts and meals and canning. ⁠Recipe inside!


Genealogy Photo A Day | "NEW" | A "New" Gramma With Her "New" Babygirl

This is my mom with my brand "new" babygirl born in 2002. #GenealogyPhotoADay is sponsored by @genealogygirltalks - follow our pages on Instagram! @inhonourofthem She was only 2 days old in


BCG 2020 Free Webinars

The Board for Certification of Genealogists will be holding high-quality educational free webinars starting 21 Jan 2020.Mark your calendar for the third Tuesday of each


Honouring My Gramma

Because of her dream and vision I discovered I had roots deeper than I dreamed and they were connected to people I never knew existed. My inspiration every day in my genealogical journey is my Gramma.


Honouring My Teacher

It is indeed a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors. Plutarch (1871).“Plutarch’s Morals”, p.12 I didn’t always understand the validity of how important my Ancestors are.


Flowers Amongst the Headstones

I stood in reverence amongst the towering trees while a magpie played nearby, keeping a careful eye on me. He didn’t say much but I could tell he was smart.I didn’t expect this.