My Mom’s Day Grief

Good morning.
Well, Mother’s Day is over and my world is basically back to normal.

I feel like I did okay yesterday (or rather this whole month so far), having the marketing of Mother’s Day right up in my face.

My day job is actually marketing.
It was fun though, to watch Mom’s reconnect with their children via contests I created for clients on social media.
But let’s be real, why can’t we celebrate Mom’s every day that much? It’s a noble job. They deserve it. Even the ones who aren’t really good at it.

I Miss Her

I was in and out of grief throughout it all, hating that I couldn’t hug her and call her.

I missed her SO much.
But, I found that looking at gratitude was what really helped me so that I didn’t fall back into the despair of sliding into the invisible depression pit where I’ve been before. That pit appears out of nowhere. I need to be self-aware, some days more than others.


I am Grateful for my own babies.
And Grateful for my gift of connecting families.
But especially grateful for God carrying me through.

I took the day, as a Mom, to do exactly what I wanted to do which was to re-design this website. Then, I spent time with 2 of my 4 kids and finished the day at my favourite place, a healing circle with my sisters and brothers. I am also grateful for them.

This morning I officially started my Miracle Morning and I have to say it’s already made improvement in my life even though I am tired from getting up an hour earlier. But I feel lifted and excited for the day.

Part of that is making time to write, hence this post and it will also allow me to make more time for research, which is what will move me forward into working from home eventually.

Off I go, to make my life happen.

What are you doing today to bring about what you aspire to do?


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