Discovering my roots

My genealogy passion began at the age of 8 when I was gifted a book from my Grandmother that held the history of my Ancestors.

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Dutch Roots

My mom’s lineage began in The Netherlands. My Ancestors made their way by ship in 1864 to Canada. They boarded a train to Stern’s County, Minnesota, USA and from there they traveled to Alberta, Canada settling near present-day Wetaskiwin in 1904.

German Roots

On my dad’s side, my Ancestors traveled in 1892 from Germany to Ellis Island, making their way to North Dakota, USA. They immigrated to Alberta, Canada near Wetaskiwin in 1902.

Raised in Canada

Raised in a loving family I have many memories of traditional celebrations, food, card games, and gatherings. I have come to respect the stories that make us the family we are.

I started genealogy in the early 2000s. In 2015 I flew to SLC. I spent 5 glorious days in the Family History Library, which resulted in a few excellent finds and a lot of learned lessons! This day my genealogy passion grew inside me to near obsession and I literally had to be dragged out… (thanks June!) Thus began my pursuit to become a professional.

Passionate Pursuit

I am self-taught but highly educated in the places of my Ancestors. Over 15+ years I have accumulated experience in other countries by researching for others. I’ve held memberships with Ancestry, FamilySearch, Fold3, Newspapers and many more for over 15 years; I have done a DNA test.

I am determined and dedicated. Sourced research satisfies me and is essential to my work. My passion motivates me and I do courses in my spare time so that I can grow my knowledge of genealogy.

I especially love to help others find their family and then help them learn those stories that made them who they are. This truly connects them to their roots.

Storytelling is what helps me stand apart from most. It helps me go deeper into the truth of their history to really find the information that is out there.

I have great respect for our Ancestors and those that wish to find them. My work is ethical, collaborative and collective with importance on confidentiality. I hold memberships with many societies so that I can volunteer and further my studies.