Henke: The First Story of Our History

I - Johann HENKE (b. 1787) is the oldest known member of the Henke family that has been proven by source records.

Johann was 5 years old when the Polish- Russian War of 1792 occurred. The country was in continuous battle to remain under Polish rule but the Russian and Prussian Kingdoms over powered for many years. There is nothing known about Johann up until his marriage and the birth of his children.

Johann married Anna Katharina LUCHT (b.1791) [assumed] before 1811.

[Anna Katharine is also found in records named Katarzyna Locht; Catharinae Lucht; Katarzyna Left and Katarxyny Lochtow]. They lived in [A] Podlesie, Oborniki, Wielkopolskie, Poland at this time. Thier first daughter, Anna Justina was born in 1811 in the village of Podlesie. Gottfried, their first son, was born in [B]Piotrowo, Szamotuly, Wielkopolskie, Poland about 147 km south-west and by the time the second daughter Anna Ludwika was born, they’d settled at Emilienheim, Słupca, Wielkopolskie, Poland. [A,B,C as noted on the Google Maps image above]

The January Uprising on 22 Jan 1863 lasted until 18 Jun 1864. It was an insurrection aimed at the restoration of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The conflict engaged all levels of society, triggered by the conscription of young Polish activists into the Russian army (for a 20-year service). Public executions and deportations to Siberia persuaded many Poles to abandon the armed struggle. Source: Wikipedia

The rest of the family were born and raised at [C] Emilienheim, now called Michalinów, and [it is believed that] Johann and Anna Katharine both died there. Their life experiences included uprisings and struggle as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth fought against the Russian Empire and The Kingdom of Prussia to regain power.

The local civil registration offices were established in October 1874 soon after the German Empire was formed. Births, marriages and deaths were recorded. Previously, only the church records were used for Christians.- Wikipedia

Together, Johann and Anna Katharine had 9 children. Three of these children are the major branches of this Henke family tree. Gottfried is the Senior Branch. Karolina is the Cadet Branch. Martin is the Younger Branch. These branches will be stories written in future posts, so please follow along to learn the continuing stories.

The children of Johann and Anna were baptized in the Protestant Evangelical Church located in Emilienheim,  Słupca, Wielkopolskie, Poland [unless otherwise noted].

Johann HENKE died 10 Dec 1868 at the age of 81, in Emilienheim, Słupca, Wielkopolskie, Poland. Anna Katharine’s death is unknown.
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