Find A Grave Updates!

Find A Grave updates to honour deceased loved ones and their living families.

Find A Grave has made a wonderful change to how memorials are managed on their site. Before this change, any user could create a memorial page for anyone who had passed. They did not need to be related to do so. A request could be made for the transfer of the memorial to a family member, however, not all managers would release the memorial to them.

Now, members are prompted to list their relationship to the deceased before a memorial is created. "Are you a close relative?" I am their... (choose relation). Members may choose to make it public or private. This picture is an example of what they'll see when creating a new memorial on Find A Grave:

FindAGrave memorial relationship.png Memorial Relationship Question

If the member is not a relative, the information in the memorial is limited within the first 3 months after death date. After 3 months, the limitation is released and will show as the other pages do with one exception: there will be a "manage" button on the profile for a family member to request transfer of ownership.

Find your relatives by hovering over your profile name, select "My Memorials" and choose "Related" from the dropdown menu. There are limits to how many memorials one can manage depending on relationship. This will prevent abuse and stop people from adding memorials before the funeral has even happened yet.

"You live as long as you are remembered." — Russian proverb

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