Honouring My Teacher

It is indeed a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors. Plutarch (1871).“Plutarch’s Morals”, p.12

I didn’t always understand the validity of how important my Ancestors are.

I took for granted that I can go to the grocery store full of easy to buy food, buy my food online or sit on the comfort of a flushing toilet in the warmth of my bathroom heated by electric air.
I still do.
But I am working on that.

I didn’t pray thanks for my blessings but demanded them daily to satisfy my princess wants, nor did I have any idea what gratitude was.

It’s been almost 5 year sand I can still remember the day I met Her.

My friend Amber excitedly told me about a ‘Psychic Lady’ she had heard of that sat in the corner of a local coffee shop offering readings to anyone open to listening.
Amber suggested that we go and see what she had to say.
Without hesitation I squealed out, “OKAY!”

Have you ever heard of AwakenwithJP?
His satirical videos on ultra spiritualism could have really described me then.

I sat before Her, wide-eyed, barely able to sit still and so ready to hear about how special I was and how I was destined for bigger and better things than where I was at inmy life.

An hour later, I reflected on how I cried and laughed with her, still in shock of what I had heard. The things she knew… wow.

A year later

I was working a tradeshow and I saw a familiar woman walk by.
She turned to me and said, “Hi! How are you doing?” like she knew me and for the life of me I couldn’t remember where I saw her.
And then it hit me… it was Her.
I hurriedly ran over to book a reading with Her but to my surprise I was given a reading with her Partner instead.
Among many other things that blew my mind, He told me where my family’s lost history book was before I had even asked about it.
I couldn’t wait to share this with my mom.
3 months later it was found exactly where He had said it was.

Another year went by and once more our paths crossed.

This time She invited me to attend a healing circle.
I eventually learned she was a Shaman and her Partner a Healer and they welcomed me to walk with them to heal and learn to find my true self.

Photo Credit: Patricia Nelson

My Teacher Pat Nelson and Healer Bryce Korzenowski of Illuminated Evolution helped me to change my life focus to gratitude for what I have been given rather than arrogantly expecting my very own silver platter and also to continually work on my faith and belief in God by serving as a helper.
Some of the people I met at that first circle are still in my life and I learned that family do not always come from bloodline.

This helped me to be open to learning about my Ancestors and the validity of the work and suffering they endured so that I can live a better life.

My Ancestors left their war-devastated countries, travelled by boat, standing in steerage for 3 months among dying, starving people to finally arrive to North America where they cleared raw land of rocks and trees and roots by hand and horse.
They only ate if they grew or killed their food and the weather was not always on their side.
They had no running water, electricity or even windows and doors until they could be built from raw trees not stripped of their bark by any machines we have now.
They suffered sickness, disease, death and poverty.
They persevered through strength in surviving and belief in God who blessed them with what they needed to continue each day.

I honour my Teacher and Healer for helping me to see where I came from and how important it is to pay my respects by sharing the stories of my Ancestors, helping others to do the same and praying thanks for my blessings everyday so that I may stay humble and in gratitude for what I am given.

I was given the gift of Genealogy as Keeper of the Dead.
I am so blessed.

If you are interested in learning about walking and healing with Illuminated Evolution please visit their website to contact them.

You can also read Pat’s teaching blog here and follow Bryce’s personal training on Instagram.