Genealogy Photo A Day | "NEW" | A "New" Gramma With Her "New" Babygirl

This is my mom with my brand "new" baby girl born in 2002.

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She was only 2 days old in this picture. I had enough experience with her brothers and because my mom was staying with me to help, the doctor let me out of the hospital after only 48 hours. ⁠This girl had me in labour for 2 months before I had her. We had 3 false labours, the last one causing us to ride in an ambulance to the next city. I have to say that was the most uncomfortable ride I have ever been in.

My contractions were 5 minutes apart for just over 2 months

but not strong enough to push me into full labour. It was exhausting. I got stuck in the waterbed and it took me 20 minutes to get up to pee because the contractions would lay me back down. I was terrified of early labour. 3 months of bedrest was more tiring than it sounds and so by the time I neared my due date I was done. Over done actually.

So I went to the doctor on a Wednesday and I cried out my despair of being uncomfortable and over tired. His tough face softened and he said, "Come in on Friday to emerg, we will see where you are at then." That was enough to give me hope that we were almost ready to meet. Monday was my due date so Friday was really close and I was confident I could finally make it.

On Friday morning, I went in as suggested. The nurse checked me and was surprised to learn I was already dilated enough. So they broke my water and called the doc. I asked if someone would call my husband. He came with all 3 boys in tow. No one on our emergency call list was answering their phones so the boys got to colour and eat freezies in the waiting room while I was getting ready to give birth to their sister. By the time the doc got there I was half way through dilation. He said I could push if I wanted.

I pushed once and he screamed at me to stop.

She was crowning already! The nurse quickly put oxygen on my face. Claustrophobia over came me so I ripped it off and told her not to touch me again. Her face showed fear but she didn't say a word. Another contraction started and the nurse begged me to breathe into the mask. "Her heart rate is dropping." she exclaimed, "do this for her, she needs oxygen". So I did. I felt so dizzy and a little disoriented, it was all happening so fast. The pain was intense but no time for drugs. I couldn't think.

One more hard push and she came out so fast I think the doc almost dropped her. I was pretty excited to meet her after all of that but they took her fast and wouldn't let me see her. I heard suctioning and whispers. I leaned in desperate to see her but I couldn't. Three nurses blocked my view and the doc was trying to get my attention to birth the placenta. It hurt more than the birth and I fell back into the bed and closed my eyes.

I don't really remember, but I think I prayed in that moment.

I begged them to tell me what was going on and why I couldn't hold her. Time made no sense. After several minutes which seemed like hours, the nurses brought her to me and put her on my chest. She was perfect. She was breathing! I counted all her toes and fingers then kissed her forehead and cried relief. She was okay. I had my babygirl wrapped tightly in my arms and hugged her so close.

I learned later the chord was wrapped around her neck. Her oxygen dropped to below 60 and she was near death during those contractions. And because she was starting to crown, had she tried to breathe, it would have suffocated her.

It is a miracle blessed by God that she survived so that I could be her mother.

48 hours later she was in perfect health. No jaundice, her oxygen was 99% and her lungs were clear so upon approval of the doc I brought her home to her brothers and dad with a special visit from her "new" Gramma featured in this photo 2 June 2002.