Why I Wrote a Book About Beginner Genealogy

Why I Wrote a Book About Beginner Genealogy

The intention behind my book, "Getting Started in Genealogy: A Guide For The Absolute Beginner".

I was so overwhelmed.

"Ancestry® currently manages about 10,000 terabytes of data..." according to their 'about' page, and they aren't the only online record data bases.

Not to mention blogs, websites, tips and tricks, obituaries, memorials, church records, histories, books, and so much more scattered all over the internet and in libraries. There are multiple genealogy pages for every country, every state and every province and they are written in almost every language. Where do I start? I was scattered, confused and a hot-mess of excitement and anxiety. So after years of practice and searching, I gathered all my favourite online and offline resources and neatly categorized them for reference.

I made so many mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. But in genealogy, the mistakes can spread like a virus.

I can see my mistakes floating around the genealogy trees out there still, years after I am no longer considered a beginner. I have taken on the responsibility to help clean it up but let's be real, not everyone researches often, and not everyone responds, so this takes a long time to do. Genealogy is fascinating and exhilarating and sometimes obsessive. It is easy to get loured into the trap of adding information to our family trees because we see it in someone else's tree. But that is the worst thing we can do, if we don't look for a provable source to back up the information. I got excited, I added information that was inaccurate, and others copied my copied mistakes. This spreads like a virus unintentionally and breaks the truth in the stories. We need to source all of the info we see no matter where we find it. It's a good idea to make our trees private until we can be confident it is as close to the truth as possible before we share. The problem is people think what they have is accurate, when it isn't. The results won't be perfect, mistakes still happen. For example, not everything is indexed correctly or transposed properly but we can get it pretty close. In Getting Started in Genealogy: A Guide For The Absolute Beginner I offer more important advice and tips like this to save you from hours and hours of fixing mistakes.

It's a way to give back and share.

There are hundreds of links and pages of recommendations, tips and tricks to save the reader time and money.

The majority of the information in this book gives the reader access to free resources. I mentioned a few paid sites simply because their value is worth the subscription or cost. But everyone should have the opportunity to get started for free or with the least amount of money possible and the least amount of anxiety. I kept it simple. Step by step, top charts, fillable forms, checklists and more, helps the reader to stay focused and on track which makes the process way more fun and inviting. There is 20+ years of my experience within the many pages to help the reader start the most incredible journey of discovering who they truly are through the stories of their Ancestors. This is In Honour Of Them.

Find the book on Amazon.

I would personally thank each person who buys my book, but Amazon doesn't tell me who you are.

So if the reader emails me after they buy my book, I will not only thank them graciously, I will offer my help to answer questions and guide direction toward their goals. I will often do fast lookups like an obituary or a record lookup for free to help the researcher to keep moving forward. This is a collaborative project that no one should do alone. I love to help. So please, reach out and tell your friends too! You can buy my book on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3bSOm6e


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